2 March 2010 0 Comments

Loony Cat Lady

Collect and trade little illustrations I’ve done of cute cats!  Amass Cat Nips just by visiting, and exchange them for new cats for your collection. Trade your cats with your friends’ cats, as well as the offerings from the Loony Cat Ladies themselves. Plus, you can show off your favorite cats to your friends in your showcase.

Loony Cat Lady is inspired in part by the pin-trading phenomenon in the Disney parks. People like to collect things. It’s natural. And who doesn’t want to collect cute cats (aside from dog-people)?

The site is ever-expanding. As of writing this, there are 75 cats to collect, and more will be added regularly. And, there are plans to expand the showcase’s abilities and to add a game or two.

The entire site was programmed from scratch with PHP and mySQL.

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