1 January 2002 0 Comments

Angel Moxie

With the experience gained from Rebus’ run, I started Angel Moxie as a regularly-updating “webcomic,” as the term had been coined. Angel Moxie is both a parody and a tribute to the “magical girl” genre, populated by Card Captor Sakura and Sailor Moon. Alex, a Junior High girl, gains a magic wand and the mission from the Higher Authority to fight an evil from another dimension.  With the help of the geeky inventor, Riley, the disgruntled outsider Tristan, and her kitty mentor, Miya, she works to save the world from Lord Yzin and his Generals, all while hoping to pass 6th grade.

The comic is still my most popular series, having gained an audience of about 5000 daily visitors at its peak. Lessons learned from this outing:

  1. Don’t upload all the frames in your strip as separate images.  It makes it difficult for people to post their favorite strips elsewhere and thus bring hits to your site.
  2. Don’t make your website by hand with only html.  You’ll have to update it manually, which means lots of waiting around until midnight to upload the right scripts and the potential of forgetting to do so.
  3. Succeeding in getting an already-popular webcomic site to link to yours with a favorable word or two will do ten times as much good as straight-up advertising.

Read Angel Moxie in its entirety.

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